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Find Professional Skateboard Decks In Woodsen

As a professional custom skateboard manufacturer & skateboard supplier, Woodsen offers high-quality OEM/ODM skateboard decks for many brands. 

Canadian maple wood logs from North America
 7 ply 100% Canadian maple deck
 New materials: Carbon fiber, Glass fiber
 Customization support
Canadian maple wood logs from North America
Woodsen skateboard factory import contaners of Canadian maple wood logs from North America. All process are under our strict quality control: rotary cutting, drying, sanding, color staining and stock.
OEM/ODM services

Woodsen is a professional skateboard factory. What make Woodsen leading in all skateboard factory is our leading  full customization services.

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Multiple mold with different concave, meet different needs.
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Our CNC machine can cut whatever size&shape you want.
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6 color industrial UV digital printer + High precision silkscreen printing workshops can make the final product as much as close to original design, with vivid color and high resolution.
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Various effects like foils (holographic / metal color / mirror style), glitter films, artist decoration veneers etc. to offer inspirations for your design.
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Meet The Various Customization Needs Of Customers

Not only the basic feature of skateobard, our custom skateboard manufacturer advanced printing technology and multiple effect options can help clients get the most professional skateboard decks and designs.

Concave & Size & Shape - Multi mold and CNC machine
 Design - High precision silkscreen printing + 6 color industrial UV digital printer
 Special effects - foils/mirror/metal/3D Lenticular/luminous
Production process

Our production cover form log rotary cutting, veneer staining and drying to skateboard deck pressing and shaping. All steps are controlled under high-quality requirements and strict supervision. Our fine crafts reflect in each sanding, coating and transferring.

Woodsen select the best hard maple logs from North America and Canada and make sure every process is under strick quality control.
In Woodsen workshop, every deck is made with finest craftsmanship. We have a set of default concave, shape, size, and dye color which is most popular based on our 15 years experience.
High-precision silkscreen workshop, industrial UV digital printer, Logo Engraving. Woodsen could help you to make your design present perfectly in reality
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Start your business with factory. Get to know Woodsen professional production process
Factory Strength

Woodsen is a professional Skateboard manufacturer & supplier base in Huizhou, Guantdong. We skateboard supplier contain logs woodshop, deck plant, silkscreen workshop, complete assemble plant, covering an area of 2000 squarei meters. We have focused on professional skateboard manufactering for more than 15 years and are the one of the best skateboard factory in China. Special leading in printing technology and new materials field.

With the increase in demand for products in the future, Woodsen custom skateboard manufacturer has also reserved space for expanding its production lines. We skateboard factory always adhere to strict quality control and standardized production management to provide qualified products.

Hot Products
Besides traditional Canadian maple wood, Woodsen custom skateboard manufacturer also invest a lot in new materials like carbon fiber and glass fiber in order to offer slimmer, more flexible and durable skateboard decks to professional riders.
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Our goal is to provide high quality OEM skateboards to the international skateboard community
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With 15+ years of experience
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Annual production volume 800,000+
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Serving 300+ global customers
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Please feel free to contact us if you have a question or just want to say hallo!
Corporate news
Skateboards come in different lengths, widths and shapes, and these factors all affect your riding experience and technique. Generally speaking, shorter and narrower skateboards are suitable for more technical skating, while longer and wider skateboards are suitable for more gliding styles, so choose the style you like to match.
2020 07 15
The deck of a skateboard is generally made of five-layer, seven-layer, nine-layer maple wood boards that are microwave cold-pressed. There are also decks made of aluminum alloy, carbon fiber and other materials. Nowadays, the top and bottom of the board are all raised. The best is 7-layer Canadian maple plus carbon fiber, which can increase the toughness and wear resistance of the board.
2020 07 15
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Get in touch with us
If you have any questions about our products or services, feel free to reach out to customer service team.
Woodsen is one of the best professional skateboard manufacturers & suppliers in China.
Address: Changbu Village, Xinxu Town, Huiyang District. Huizhou, Guangdong, China ZIP 516223
Contact person: Taylor Lan
Tel: +86 186 7527 7820
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