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Skateboard complete is an important product line. As skateboard factory, we provide a diverse and flexible range of solutions of custom skateboard complete. For beginners seeking a skateboard and cost-friendly starting their skating journey, our popular solution skateboards fit the bill perfectly. 
For those looking for a professional level, we offer upgrade and premium solutions or the option to handpick specification for each part - from skateboard decks and trucks to wheels, griptapes, bearings, hardware.
And we offer one-stop full customization service for all parts of the skateboard. You can design all parts of skateboards with your brand elements and logo. 

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As a very popular sport, especially with major events and the Olympics, there’s a growing interest among begginers. This birch complete skateboard is the right one for these newcomers. It offers a stable performance and long-lasting durability, and meanwhile is cost friendly.
This complete skateboard is for professional skaters. The Canadian maple deck ensure key element for skating - pop and durability. All accessories are top-quality, reflecting a commitment to providing a complete skateboard that meets the high standards of professional skaters.
We provide Canadian maple veneers in customizable sizes. All wood logs are imported from North America and Canada.
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