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Skateboard Heat Transfer Film

Our star product, the heat transfer film, also called skateboard heat transfer film, stands out with precision, excellent color presentation and unparalleled variability.
For precision, our industrial-grade UV digital printer handles high-resolution designs. The Silkscreen printing plant use high-precision screens, ensure the accuracy and delicate graphics.
In terms of color, our 6-color UV digital printer is a market leader, producing brighter and more vivid color compared to standard 4-color printers. 
Enhancing your design possibilities, our silkscreen printing offers many special inks such us glitter, luminous, metal, mirror, fluorescence and more. Diversify your creative space further with a range of foils like holographic, gold, silver, mirror-color types. It’s a combination that unleashes limitless potential for your designs. 

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Our gold foils offers a mirror gold effects which shines brilliantly. It will elevate your branding with an elegant touch and make the skateboard deck shinning in the street.
We offer holographic foils with a variety of colors and patterns. Classic blank foils is the most regular one or you can choose from different colors or patterns to maintain the color-changing effects while adding a unique and special touch to your skateboard deck.
Silkscreen printing heat transfer films is a popular way to make skateboard decks with design. Our silkscreen printing heat transfer films use high-precision silkscreen technology and semi-automatic printing lines, which improve a lot the color and details presentation, make it possible even for photo type design.
Our UV digital printing heat transfer films are made with our high-precision and advanced 6-color UV digital printer. The advantages of UV digital printing technology is bright color, excellent details. And the high efficiency of our industrial printer also offers a good solution of fast delivery to clients.
It’s for surfing on the street! The turning dynamics of the Surfskate truck allows manoeuvrable and short turns like surfing
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