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Design&special effect - customization
Cost friendly, high efficiency, recomend for big quantity & specify pantone color
Excellent color performance, more details, recomend for pro quality & complicated graphic
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Silk screen printing

Embodying the artistry of color, our printing capabilities extend far beyond the ordinary. We proudly offer support for both CMYK and spot color printing, guided by seasoned color engineers with over three decades of experience in crafting spot color ink to match the Pantone color card. Moreover, we go the extra mile by facilitating the use of special inks such as metal, fluorescent, and glitter, seamlessly blending them into your design.

Through our cutting-edge high-precision silkscreen technology, we have revolutionized the realm of graphic quality, surpassing the limitations of traditional methods. 

UV digital printing

Unlocking boundless possibilities, UV digital printing takes color expression and detail presentation to unprecedented heights. 

With our cutting-edge 6-color industrial UV digital printer, we elevate print quality beyond the confines of traditional 4-color printers. This distinction makes our 6-color printer the ideal choice for discerning clients, be they professional graphic designers, photographers, or individuals with a penchant for impeccable color reproduction.

Not only does our UV digital printer exceed expectations in terms of quality, but it also boasts remarkable speed. Each print job, encompassing 4-6 graphics, is accomplished in a mere 30-45 seconds, ensuring prompt delivery without compromising on excellence.

Cost & minimum order quantity

The pricing is determined by the size, quantity of colors used, and the overall order volume per design.

The minimum order quantity for heat transfer films is 100 pieces per design.

For regular graphic decks, the minimum order quantity is 50 pieces per design.

In the case of potential customers with promising prospects, after our initial communication, we would be glad to offer support for customized samples.

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Digital CNC machine can cut client' s required size, and change whatever shape they like. 6 color industrial UV digital printer not only offer full color and detail transfer films, but also very efficiency and support much smaller MOQ
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The following is our entire service process
Contact us
Contact with our salesman and tell us your demand and provide your design
Publish model
We will release mock up in 1-3 days
Full payment
Pay in advance or in full once mock up confirmed
Production time
15-30 days after payment received
When production is complete, we will start shipping to your destination warehouse
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If you have any questions about our products or services, feel free to reach out to customer service team.
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