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US Warehouse Stock Available for Pickup!


Calling all skate shop owners and retailers! 📢 Are you searching for top-of-the-line skateboard decks to offer your customers unmatched quality and performance? Look no further! Our US warehouse is stocked with a wide range of premium 7-ply Canadian maple decks, size from 7.75" - 8.75" ready for wholesale purchase to enhance your product lineup! 

Crafted from the finest Canadian maple wood, our decks are designed for durability, flexibility, and precision, ensuring a superior riding experience for your customers. 🌟💪

Diversify your inventory and cater to a broader customer base with our customizable and stylish deck options. From classic designs to blank canvases for personalization, our decks are sure to appeal to a wide range of skating styles and preferences. 🎨✨

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your business and stand out in the market with top-quality materials. Partner with us today and offer your clients the best 7-ply Canadian maple decks available - the ultimate choice for skateboarders who demand excellence! 

Contact us by mail: info@woodsensports.com or click the product below for more information!

Skateboarding Towards Sustainable Ethos: WOODSEN Collaborates with FSC-Certified Canadian maple Wood Log Suppliers for a Greener Ride
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