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Veneer process

Woodsen select the best hard maple logs from North America and Canada and make sure every process is under strick quality control. We will show you how we make a professional skateboard deck in our workshop.

Woodsen import 200-300 containers of hard maple log from Normth Amrica and Canada
In Woodsen workshop, we do wood pre-processing to prepare for cut.
Rotary cut the hard maple log into original veneers.
High tempreture to dry the veneers with certain moisture.
Dye veneers with vacuum chamber to ensure the paint permeate evenly in to veneers.
Automatically sanding the veneers to prepare for cold pressing.
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Deck forming

In Woodsen workshop, every deck is made with finest craftsmanship. We have a set of default concave, shape, size, and dye color which is most popular based on our 15 years experience. Besieds, we also accpet customization of many aspect. 

Woodsen use automatic mashine to pass veneers through glue evenly.
7 ply hard maple veneers form one deck through cold pressing
Woodsen is use many machines to improve effeiciency and keep presicion.
CNC machine allow us to cut many different shape like skateboard, crisier, old school etc.
We insist spraying varnich manually according to the curve of decks.
We do inspection to every deck in different proccess during production
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Graphic and logo making

High-precision silkscreen workshop, industrial UV digital printer, Logo Engraving. Woodsen could help you to make your design present perfectly in reality.

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If you have any questions about our products or services, feel free to reach out to customer service team.
Woodsen is one of the best professional skateboard manufacturers & suppliers in China.
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